Alibi discreetly captures the last hour of your life, saving it locally only when you tell it to. It runs in the background and is optimized not to deplete your battery, so you're never without an alibi. learn more

The App

When activated, Alibi will constantly collect the last hour of audio, video and location data from your Android device and temporarily store it to the phone's cache. It is optimized not to deplete your battery, and runs discreetly in the background.

Once Alibi has captured evidence that you would like to save, open the app and save the data to your local storage, compressed and hidden to prevent it from being tampered with. Alibi never stores or shares any data with any party for any reason.

Alibi is built around privacy, and seeks to provide evidence of any situation from police interactions, bullying, vehicle accidents, altercations, arguments, workplace harassment, legal disputes and much more. It gives users the confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of misguided authority or misplaced aggression. Never be without an alibi.


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